Bison View Lodge Corporate & Family Retreat Center

Bison View Lodge Corporate & Family Retreat Center

Bison View Lodge Corporate & Family Retreat Center

Map & Road Information

Our cabins are all within walking distance, separated by 100-200 yards or so. Locations are depicted below. 

Once inside the main gate, to the left  is The Helen Barn. The Main Lodge is the majestic property you see upon entering the clearing, and Hilltop Cabin is past the lodge and up the hill.


ROAD DISCLOSURE: All roads leading to the cabin are paved with the exception of the last 2.9 miles. You will travel a dirt and gravel road maintained by the US Forestry Service. When traveling this road, you may encounter potholes, rocks, and ruts from mountain water runoff. We have observed standard passenger cars, including lower profile and sports cars on the road, but in accordance with the US Forestry Service, Bison View Lodge LLC recommends that only trucks and higher clearance vehicles (SUV’s for example) travel the road. Bison View Lodge LLC is not liable for the condition of the road and not responsible for damage to vehicles or accidents. However, it is traveled daily by passenger cars, trucks, and SUV’s, and occasionally 30 passenger wine tour buses and large construction vehicles & trailers. (PLEASE NOTE: Amazon/FedEx/UPS don’t deliver to the lodge) It is important to follow the directions emailed to you and NOT A GPS APP.

While we recommend following US Forest Service guidelines, our guests have had traveled with mini-vans, electric cars, standard passenger cars, and even a lowered sports car (which we don’t recommend on the mountain road). 

Bison View Lodge Tray Mountain Road